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Social Security Disability – Frequently Asked Questions

Joanne’s mother, Betty, had rheumatoid arthritis for years. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Betty was disabled by the pain, fatigue and limited mobility that she had feared since her diagnosis.

What about people who do not get a group medical plan? Many people work for smaller companies that do not offer group medical benefits. Others are self employed business owners, contract workers, or professionals. If you have to buy individual health insurance, you can deduct the premiums as an expense. This medical insurance can cover you, your spouse, and your children. So the actual cost of the insurance is lower because of the tax breaks.

Credit life is a very expensive form of life insurance that is paid upfront for the life of the loan. It’s purpose is to pay off the loan just in case something happens to you. But it is way too expensive. There are other options. The same is true for disability insurance.

Ms. Lester added that she spent a lot of time on the telephone helping Mr. Rigg complete the various complex government forms. One of the most important was a questionnaire that asks the claimant about his or her daily activities.

Because the secured loan is backed by something of value, interest rates are lower than unsecured loans. Even if you have bad credit you may be able to get a secured loan such as a second mortgage or home equity loan. The lender will examine your finances and review your credit history before deciding to give you a loan and determining how much interest to charge. The better your credit, the lower rate you will pay.

You should begin the application process as soon as you believe you are disabled. Because it can take a long time to be approved and begin receiving benefits, you should apply as soon as possible.

While still working, she applied for benefits under the Family Medical Leave Act, but was told she didn’t qualify. “They said I wouldn’t qualify if I left work, and if I’d stayed, I wouldn’t have been able to function,” Ms. Anderson said.

Ms. Jones said that she suffered from arthritis and had trouble with the joints on her fingers for years, but she fought through the pain and worked as long as possible. At first, she tried injections of cortisone on her hand to relieve the pain, but it didn’t help. Her right thumb joint eventually disintegrated and she developed trigger thumb, a condition where the tendon doesn’t bend and the thumb is stuck in a permanent trigger position.

Complete all the paperwork they give you as fully and accurately as you can. Be very specific in your answers. Return all paperwork as soon as you can.

If on the other hand I lose my eyesight or break a vertebrae in my spine that keeps me from working anymore, then we don’t have that many options. My wife may not be able work because she might have to take care of me full-time and alternatively she wouldn’t be able to marry somebody else because I’d still be around, barring divorce of course. The point is, we have less options and you should always insure the scenario with the fewest options.